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Ministries and Programs

Junior Churches: These services are held on a child’s level, while the adult church is held in the sanctuary of the church. We have exciting programs, with the children’s needs in mind, throughout the year. (Ages 4 - 5 years and 6 - 12 years)


Nursery: Our experienced workers will provide a safe and loving environment for your little ones while you enjoy the Good Word. This nursery service is available during every service or worship meeting at our church. (From birth to 4 years)


Bus Ministry: Our bus captains will pick up your child from your door; escort them onto the bus, and into the Sunday school classroom. We have extra special days throughout the year for the children to enjoy. (Parents are welcome)


Temple Training: Our church's youth groups meet weekly to help the growth of Christian fellowship among the teens. We plan special activities throughout the year.


Kids for Christ: Children from 4 to 12 years of age come together every Wednesday from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM to learn wonderful things about God's Word through songs, Bible lessons, and crafts.

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Sunday School Bible Class: Designed for different age groups, these classes teach the Bible to our members according to their level of understanding. You can learn about God and your relationship to Him, no matter what age you are.


Music Ministry: We offer spiritual messages through songs presented by the Huber Heights Baptist Temple adult choir. These are a blessing to the hearts that hear them. Throughout the year we have special programs, solos, and several cantatas performed with piano and organ.


Visitation Program: We reach out every week to lost souls with the gospel of Christ, so that they might be saved. We encourage Christians to continue in their faith, following the Lord with unwavering purpose of heart.


Faith Promise Mission: This program supports over 90 missions and missionaries by taking the Good News throughout the world, and building a strong spiritual community.

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